What is Neverland Vault?

Neverland Vault is the latest innovation from the Neverland Team, they are specially optimized to increase your rewards, helping you maximize your profits.

This is achieved by enhancing the current yield strategy to synergize with other Dex’s existing pools. By doing so, Neverland Vault can sustainably raise the APY of any pool and enable you to earn more from farming your favorite tokens.

What is the difference between Ordinary vault and Neverland vault?

Ordinary Vault

Ordinary vault sells yield tokens to the tokens deposited to get LP and re-deposit. For example, when a user deposits KLAY-kUSDT LP to an ordinary vault, it farms and sells the vault protocol token to buy KLAY and kUSDT. The vault then creates KLAY-kUSDT LP and deposits it to the pool again. There’s no positive pressure acts for HOOK here.

Neverland Vault

Neverland Vault is different! It turns yield tokens to HOOK and deposits it to a 3,3 HOOK staking pool. As 3,3 Staking pool generates CLOCK and CLOCK increases in numbers automatically, users can earn CLOCK by staking 3rd party LPs. Since the APY of HOOK is higher than KLAY-kUSDT pool of other farms, users can get much higher APY and the buying pressure for HOOK will be created.

How does Neverland Vault work?

  • The smart contract receives the original deposit from the user and deposits it to the third party platform’s masterchef (e.g., Pala World, ClaimSwap).

  • The generated rewards from your initial deposit are automatically claimed and converted to $HOOK.

  • The $HOOK rewards are deposited in the HOOK staking pool, giving the user a higher APY while protecting their principal.

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