Connect Neverland to wallet

1. Connect Neverland to your wallet

1) Go to Neverland website, and press Enter App.

2) Then press [Connect Wallet]

3) Metamask

Press MetaMask. Then enter your password. (If you have already logged in, you will move to the next step automatically)

  • Klip, Kaikas works with the same flow! If you need help on either of the wallets, feel free to request at our Telegram - Global.

4) Then press 'Next' and press 'Connect'

5) You have just connected Metamask to Neverland!

2. Add HOOK and CLOCK to wallet

If you haven't added HOOK and CLOCK to your token lists, follow the below steps.

Click [Buy HOOK] and click 'HOOK' and 'CLOCK' from ADD TOKEN TO WALLET. Then HOOK and CLOCK should be connected to your wallet.

Please read the next page, if you want to know how to buy HOOK.

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