How to Stake

If you have followed the above steps, your wallet should be connected to Neverland and you would have HOOK in your wallet.

  1. Now here are the guids for staking. Go to Neverland homepage, and press Stake.

2. The following terms are:

  • Your Balance is the number of HOOK in your wallet

  • Your Staked Balance is the current staked HOOK. We call this CLOCK. If you unstake, it will show as HOOK!

  • Next Reward Amount is the reward amount you will receive at the next rebase time. Rebase occurs every 8 hours!

  • Next Reward Yield is the reward yield you will receive at the next rebase. For instance, if you staked 100 HOOK your Next Reward Yield will be 1.1200%. Your CLOCK will increase from 100 to 101.200 CLOCK.

  • ROI (5-Day Rate) shows how much CLOCK will increase after 5 days with Next Reward Yield being the same. For instance, if you staked 100 HOOK and ROI is 18.1835%, CLOCK will increase from 100 to 118.1835 after 5 days.

3. Now let's start staking!

a. First, click 'Approve'.

  • Staking doesn't occur by just pressing 'Approve'. This is just a necessary step needed before staking. You also need to some gas fees to 'Approve'. Make sure you have enough KLAY in your wallet! ('Approve' step is only needed when you are FIRST staking. You don't have to go through this step further on.)

b. Pop up page will show on your connected wallet. Press 'Confirm'. It will take about 10 seconds.

c. The 'Approve' button should change to 'Stake HOOK'.

  • If you still see the 'Approve' button, don't press it again, but refresh the page (F5).

e. Enter the amount you want to Stake. If you want to stake all the amount you have, you can just press 'Max'. Then press 'Stake HOOK'.

f. Press 'Confirm' once again from the pop-up page on your connected wallet.

e. All done! Check Your Staked Balance. You have successfully staked!🎉

  • The page will not be automatically refreshed, so you would need to refresh the page(F5).

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