wCLOCK contract address: 0xefF9EAFC1013f2C6a4e5c14a2EC1787877e80fD2

wCLOCK is the wrapped version of CLOCK!

CLOCK increases in amount over time, while wCLOCK increases in price.

When you unwrap your wCLOCK tokens, you get back your original CLOCK plus any other CLOCK gained due to rebasing!

In other words, Users can wrap their CLOCK into wCLOCK, and receive their rebase as an increase in the value of wCLOCK rather than an increase in the amount of CLOCK.

1 wCLOCK amount = 1 CLOCK amount / Current Index

It can always be unwrapped for the equivalent amount of CLOCK. Wrap functionality is the key for expansion of HOOK utility. Wrapping can also encourage the 3,3 mentalism and affect the price in a positive way.


First of all, click on the "WRAP" button at the top right corner of the website.

Select the amount of CLOCK you want to wrap, and confirm the transaction. If this is your first wrapping you will also need to approve CLOCK spending.

Once you have wCLOCK in wallet, you can use them to stake at 5,5 and earn 3rd party tokens!

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