Mint+Stake (4,4)

Neverland will implement Mint&Stake, so called (4,4), right after the launch. It will let users mint and stake at a single transaction and users will receive CLOCK token instead of HOOK token, as a proof of staked HOOK.

Mint+Stake+Wrap (5,5)

Neverland will also provide wrapping function of CLOCK token. By wrapping it, CLOCK token can be used for various purpose such as lending or gameFi. It can be also used for additional incentivization mechanism combined with lock-up system. Unlike Olympus, since Neverland mints additional HOOK token for non-stable, non-HOOK LP, it can utilize the excess tokens not only for increased APY but also for different way of incentivization.


Lending will be one of the effective way for HOOK token holders to utilize the asset not only for staking and receiving high yield but also for various ways to make additional profit by betting up or down of the market. By wrapping CLOCK token, the proof of staked HOOK token, it will be able to be deposited and used as a collateral asset to borrow other tokens.

By borrowing stable tokens, users would be able to buy other alt-tokens when the market is on uptrend. If the market shows downtrend, users would be able to borrow alt-tokens and sell them for stable tokens. This acts like as buying short on the futures market.


NFT is a hot potato and it's even hotter when it's incorporated with a game. Neverland believes the concept of it is suitable to be gamified and HOOK token can be used for diversified yield game. If gamified concept is introduced to Neverland, there would be NFTs for heroes and the tokens could be utilized for pirate ships and crews.

NFT and gamification is definitely on the roadmap of Neverland.

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